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Advanced massage therapy
for chronic pain and tension.

Targeted treatment for areas of the body
affected by stress, strain and trauma.

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Relieve Pain

Targeted treatments to relieve chronic pain caused by stress, strain and trauma.

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Reduce Tension

Experience less discomfort and increased mobility in areas of the body stressed by injury.

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Move Better

Combine treatments with at-home exercise to get back to doing the activities you enjoy!

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Hi, my name is Mike.
Nice to meet you!

I started out in the sports and fitness industry after studying kinesiology in university and ended up becoming a full time Registered Massage Therapist over 12 years ago. Since then, I've treated thousands of patients dealing with chronic pain and tension associated with a less active lifestyle, repetitive strain, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents. If you're looking for a targeted approach to deal with an injury that's been holding you back, book an appointment today!

Full Bio

Real people experiencing real results.

I am a 43 year old man who tries to be young. I am a long distance cyclist and play indoor soccer with people half my age. Mike’s massage work reduces my recovery time after soccer games and long bike rides. I give a 5 star service rating.

Jason S.

He is fantastic at what he does! I have dealt with chronic neck/shoulder pain pretty much my entire adult life and he has brought me to a place where pain is a distant memory in only a few treatments!

Amanda R.

I've been struggling with back issues for the past year and since using the new technique, the pain stays away longer and longer. Definitely has helped mobility and flexibility so much over regular massage therapy.

Sarah L.

Mike is great! I suffer from chronic headaches and the relief I feel after every appointment is amazing!

Melissa K.

Mike has been an extraordinary help for pain I have in my feet. My job requires long hours on hard cement floors that has made it difficult for me to walk. And Using The RAPID technique he has helped to release tense muscles that have occurred from them! I highly recommend his expertise. You won’t be disappointed

Shannon A.

Mike helped with my frozen shoulder from the point of pain and very limited mobility to pain free and more mobility in just a few treatments. Totally recommend

Shelly F.

Conditions treated include:




Shoulder Tension


Low Back Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Plantar Fasciitis


Tennis Elbow

Sciatic Pain

Sports Injuries

Currently accepting new patients.
Book a treatment today!

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